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Night Vision Extends Nikon D800 Low-light Capability

What do you get when you combine a 36 Megapixel, 1080p capable Nikon HD SLR camera with AstroScope Night Vision?
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SOFRADIR EC Night Vision
An overview on our award-winning AstroScope™ night vision technology. You'll view information on how it works, and how it applies to digital night vision photography and high definition videography. Still and video application examples are also shown. See the latest digital SLR camera and HD camcorder models from Canon®, Nikon® and Panasonic® shown with our AstroScope assemblies.
Click the image at the left to play!
Learn more about how night vision technology works.
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Night Vision Video Footage from The History Channel's MonsterQuest series episode Tigers in the Suburbs

MonsterQuest uses the latest high-tech equipment to take a scientific look at legendary creatures around the world, creatures eyewitnesses claim to see to this day. Each episode will examine all the evidence available, from pictures and video to hair and bones, as well as the eyewitness accounts themselves. Believers, skeptics and scientists will weigh in, but what will the evidence reveal? Get more on the MonsterQuest series.

MonsterQuest episode footage © A&E Television Networks, LLC.

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Tactical Night Vision Company

This footage depicts soldiers performing mission drills. The video demonstrates the high definition quality of our AstroScope technology.

© Footage courtesy of Tactical Night Vision Company by Panteo Productions.
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Ft. Benning

A sample of several night vision images collected of the ARMY AAEF Spiral D at Ft. Benning in Georgia. These were taken using our award-winning AstroScope night vision system.

Video clips ©Galler | Garrigal Productions.
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AstroScope 9350XL

Robert Berning Productions shares their experience using the AstroScope 9350 adapter for the Canon XL2.

Learn more about the AstroScope for Canon video.
Video production ©Robert Berning Productions, Inc.
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Huntsville Medivac

A medivac helicopter in Huntsville, Alabama flies over the city.
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WFMY News 2

Night Vision footage of a team trekking through woods. Video footage demonstrates the quality, high level nighttime lighting using our AstroScope Night Vision technology.

Video clip courtesy of WFMY News 2.
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Devils Brigade Television Series
History Television Canada

Specializing in night-time reconnaissance and combat, the members of this elite force were a terror to their enemies and hence were nicknamed "The Black Devils". History now remembers them as "The Devil's Brigade".

© "Devil's Brigade" footage courtesy of Frantic Films.
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