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Perimeter Security Applications

Delivering 24-hour, 7-day surveillance of public areas can be daunting. However, today’s new technologies enable new levels of performance for these situations. Extreme low light CCD cameras are capable of imaging into almost total darkness. Near-infrared illuminators supplement other visible lighting to enhance image performance while remaining covert. Thermal imaging cameras readily detect objects otherwise unnoticed.
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Uncooled Microbolometer Core - ATOM™ 80
Atom 80

An affordable infrared camera engine for a variety of thermal imaging applications. Because of the use of an 80x80 microbolometer array, the low cost ATOM 80 is ideal for a range of applications that don’t require the higher resolution of traditional thermal imaging cores. The Atom 80 attaches to any PC via its USB port.

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SunStar 800 Low Light CCTV

SunStar 800 Low Light CCTV

Very high sensitivity video camera that can be used for 24-hour surveillance. An EMCCD detector gives outstanding performance from bright sunlight to overcast starlight and below. Extended integration allows imaging at even lower levels with reduced frame rates. Flexible and easy to use, the camera offers bright, crisp images in full daylight while enabling the user to attain optimal performance at the very lowest light levels. Outstanding target recognition and identification capability.

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ATOM™ Series of Infrared Cameras

ATOM Series of IR Cameras

Based on the ATOM series of microbolometer products, these infrared cameras are ideal for a variety of security and surveillance applications. Because of their small size, they are easily integrated into different system platforms including unmanned and airborne vehicles. Available in 320 x 240, 640 x 480 or 1024 x 768 array formats.

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ALS-40 Infrared Laser Illuminator

ALS-40 IR Laser Illuminator

Designed for large areas (up to 15 acres) and long-range covert lighting applications. Incorporates a high power laser diode and patented internal optical assembly, and delivers the highest near infrared light output available, while achieving a Class 1 eye safety rating (IEC-60825-1). A range of fixed beam widths are available to meet specific applications. Laser diode-based illuminators deliver exceptional low life cycle costs, even illumination. ALS is a cost-effective alternative to thermal imaging cameras.

This product is no longer available.

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